Songwriting Panel

In this seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a panel of seasoned songwriters from Sovereign Grace Music, CityAlight, and Corner Room Music talk about the challenges and joys of writing songs for the church. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

Writing Songs for Congregations

Drawing upon decades of experience in Christian music and his involvement with his local church, songwriter and producer Ben Shive will help you see more clearly what elements go in to writing songs that truly serve the church and bring glory to Christ.

Songwriting Panel

In this seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a panel of seasoned songwriters talk about the challenges and joys of writing songs for the church. There will be time for Q&A at the end.

Songwriting Panel

In this breakout you’ll hear various seasoned writers discuss methods, practices, and attitudes they’ve developed over the years that have helped them write both congregational and performance songs.

Show, Don’t Tell

What does Psalm 23 and great songs have in common? Sensory language! In this workshop we’ll explore the value of sensory language in Christian Worship Songs and give practical ways to generate fresh lyric ideas for your songs.

Melodies that Sing

Great melodies often come in a moment of inspiration, but what makes them great? And how can you incorporate those characteristics into your own melodies? Steve and Vikki Cook will be answering those questions, plus looking at the impact that harmony, groove, tempo and hooks have on your melody.

What the Psalms Teach Us About Songwriting

The Psalms are a wealth of resources when it comes to learning to write honest, faith-filled songs that glorify God and serve his people. Mark, Steve, and Vikki, three veteran song writers, will share how the Psalms have inspired them in their own songwriting and communicate principles that will help you in your own craft.

What Makes these Songs Great?

Ever wonder why more people aren’t singing the songs you write? Maybe your songs are missing some of the key elements that most great songs have. Steve & Vikki Cook will take an in-depth look at a number of well-known worship songs and talk about what makes them so great.

Songwriters and the Church: Navigating the Legal, Ethical, and Practical Issues of Music in the Church

This seminar will cover the legal, ethical and practical issues associated with songwriting in the church context, including employment and work for hire issues, expectations, compensation, liability risks, and income streams. We will also cover how to establish a publishing company, including the basics non-profit issues, royalty accounting and third party business relationships, such as […]

Songwriting for Congregations

In this class we will seek to uncover and hopefully learn to avoid the major shortcomings in most modern worship songs, and more importantly, discuss what the gospel has to do with writing and selecting songs for gathered worship.

Song Publishing in the Digital Age

What do you need to know about the ever-changing world of song publishing? What’s are some of the ways to get your songs heard? How important is song publishing if you’re just writing for your local church? What heart issues do you need to be aware of as you publish your own songs?

Retuning Hymns

Kevin Twit has been involved for over ten years with Indelible Grace, a group of musicians that have sought to revive theological depth in the church’s songs by setting old hymns to new music. In this workshop he will cover where to find texts, how to evaluate texts, and how to go about setting them […]

Practicing and Planning Creativity

Is waiting for God to give you a moment of inspiration the only way to write a song? Are there practices we can develop as songwriters that will foster and cultivate the creative spark? Based on a combined experience of 50 years of songwriting, Mark Altrogge and the Cooks will share practical ideas and methods […]

Overcoming Songwriter’s Block

As songwriters we’ve all had our times of writer’s block, when it seems like the heavens have closed and the creativity has all dried up.   What can be done?  Well…plenty!  Join Steve and Vikki Cook as they share a number of insights  and exercises  that are sure to help you break through writer’s block.  

Editing Your Song

The hardest part of writing your song may be when you think it’s finally done. In this workshop Steve and Vikki Cook (Before the Throne of God Above, I Will Glory in My Redeemer, Mighty Fortress) will discuss different ways you can turn a good song into a great one. Topics will include developing different […]

Before and After: The Evolution of a Song

Despite some great songs being written almost “spontaneously,” most great songs don’t start out that way. Humble and wise songwriters know that in the writing process any part of a song can be rewritten. In this seminar, you’ll learn what that process looks like along the way and develop faith for making radical changes to […]