We believe our music is ultimately a gift from God meant to bless local churches. So, we’re excited whenever we hear about people singing or using our songs!

Making music takes time so laws exist to ensure musicians are appropriately compensated and acknowledged for their labors. When people use our songs for profit we have a responsibility to our writers to ensure they receive compensation.

Having said that, we totally agree that copyright/permissions stuff can be confusing. We’ve done our best to answer the most common questions we receive regarding using our music below.

Without express permission from the publisher (Sovereign Grace Music), it’s illegal to make copies (CDs, digital files, video, etc.) of our recordings. We’ve assembled a list below of common inquiries we get and what you need to do. If your desired use does not fall under one of these categories, please contact us.

  • I want to give away CDs/digital files (eg. a CD mix of various songs): We can normally grant this request. Email usto work out the details.
  • I want to sell CDs/digital files for profit that include a Sovereign Grace Music recording: This requires a Master Use License. Please contact us for more information.
  • I want to use an original recording in a video for public display (eg. a slideshow shown during a church event): We can normally grant this request but need you to email us to work out the details.
  • I want to use an original recording in a video to post on the web (eg. youtube lyric video, slideshow, etc.): You have our permission to post a non-profit video (like a slideshow, interview, animation, etc.) that includes a Sovereign Grace Music original recording in the background as long as you include the song copyright and publisher information, “All rights reserved. Used by permission.”, and a link to our website ( at the end of the video and in the video description (all that information can be found on the song page). For example: “O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer” Music and words by Nathan Stiff © 2017 Sovereign Grace Worship/ASCAP (adm by Integrity Music). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Churches. All rights reserved. Used by permission.”.
    Please don’t post videos that feature full album or song recordings simply to offer free streaming of our music.
  • I want to use an original recording in a video for profit: This requires a Master Use License. Email us for more information.
  • I want to use an original recording in a non-profit live stream: The CCLI Streaming PLUS License covers the use of original recordings used in non-profit live streamed services.
  • I want to use an original music video in a non-profit live stream: Read more here.
  • I want to broadcast a recording on a radio station or podcast: In order to broadcast our music, your station must be licensed with these Performing Rights Organizations: ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. If you have any questions, email us.


Note on distributing recordings to your band: The CCLI Rehearse License no longer covers churches creating their own custom rehearsal tracks, but still covers copying commercial audio recordings. This is a great option for legally sharing music with your team for rehearsing purposes. It’s also helpful to link to YouTube videos.
If we didn’t answer your question (which we find hard to believe), you can alwaysemail us!

If you would like to record your own version of a Sovereign Grace Music song and distribute it as a giveaway or post online (on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, etc.), depending on the amount of copies, we can normally give gratis permission for this. Please email us the following information and we will get back to you:

  • Your name
  • Name of the song you’d like to record
  • Number of copies being made
  • Type of media (digital, physical CD, etc.) or site/formatwhere the song will be posted
  • Whether or not it will be downloadable
  • Your location (City, State, Country)

We love it when new versions of our songs are produced! Because of copyright laws, you need to obtain a Mechanical License (for CDs) and/or a Digital Audio Download (MP3, AAC, WAV) through Integrity Music before you produce a new recording of any of our songs. (Tip: Requesting a license can take time so it’s a good idea to start your licensing process well before you manufacture your project.)

  • Your name
  • Name of the song you’d like to record
  • Number of copies being made
  • Type of media (digital, physical CD, etc.) or site/formatwhere the song will be posted
  • Whether or not it will be downloadable
  • Your location (City, State, Country)

Please feel free to print off, copy, and use any of the sheet music you download from our site for these uses:

  • individual worship
  • family worship
  • churches with under 50 attendees
  • small/care/community/home/Bible study (whatever you call them) groups (this includes Bible Study Fellowship and similar gatherings)
  • churches with under 100 attendees in countries where CCLI is not available

If you don’t see your context in the above list, the simplest solution is to obtain a CCLI License which covers certain sheet music to be photocopied excluding published choral sheet music, cantatas, musicals, handbell music (we don’t have any), keyboard arrangements, vocal solos, instrumental works or music education publications. Copyright laws prohibit the duplication of copyrighted music without a license to do so.
If you’d like to use our sheet music in a larger context and are unable to get a CCLI License, you’ll need to obtain appropriate licensing from Integrity Music.
For all other questions regarding using our sheet music, please contact us.

If you’re interested in making an original choral, string, brass arrangement or orchestration of one of our songs, contact us to work out the details.

Typically, you’ll need to obtain a print license through Integrity Musicfor this type of use. If you have any questions, contact us.

We rarely give permission to change, remove, or add lyrics to our songs. This protects the integrity of the songwriter’s original work and avoids the confusion of having multiple versions of a song in circulation. Bob Kauflin wrote a helpful post on this here. If you still have questions, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

We thank God for anyone who wants to help us translate Sovereign Grace Music songs into other languages! We take translations seriously and always prefer translation teams over individual translators. To maintain the integrity of the original melody and lyrics as well as the poetic considerations, we ask that you submit your translation for approval by visiting our Translations page.

Sometimes we record songs that we don’t own the copyrights for. We obtain the appropriate licenses from the song owners to use these songs on our own projects, but our license is non-transferable.

If one of our songs is co-published by Word Music or Integrity Music, you will need to contact them for copyright permissions. Sovereign Grace Music makes no representation or warranty as to your proposed use of any such material.

The information on this page is provided as a public service for church musicians seeking information about copyright. Sovereign Grace Churches makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any responsibility in the use of this service or its contents for its accuracy, completeness, currency, its use for any general or particular purpose, nor that such items or use of such items would not violate or infringe rights of others.

For any other possible questions, shoot us an email us.