Thank you for your interest in Sovereign Grace Music translations! We’re grateful that others share our desire for churches to have theologically driven, Christ-exalting, musically accessible songs in every language. Our ultimate hope is that God would raise up indigenous songwriters in every nation to serve the church. But in the meantime, we’re grateful our songs are being translated.

Coming up with a good translation is no easy task. Over the years we’ve found that a good translation has at least three crucial elements.

Accurate Meaning
The translation effectively communicates the meaning and intent of the original lyrics.

Melodic Correspondence
The melody and rhythms of the translated song is as close as possible to the original.

Cultural Relevance
The translation sounds and feels like it could have been written in the translated language.

Translation Teams

While it’s possible for a translation to be done by one individual, we’ve found that translation teams provide the opportunity for different perspectives and often a better result. We have teams already established in different languages that translate Sovereign Grace songs and review submissions. If you’d like to translate in any of the languages below, click on the link to be connected to the team leader.


Single Submissions

If you want to translate one or more of our songs, but don’t see your language listed above, you can submit a translation. *Before submitting a translation, please check our Translations Page to make sure we don’t already have an official translation of the song in your language.

To maintain the integrity of the original melody and lyrics, we ask that you submit your translation for approval. Once a translation has been approved, we will post it on our website as the official version so anyone can download it and use it in their church.

We’ve found that the best translations are translated by a team made up of a musician(s), a pastor, and/or someone who is theologically trained. Everyone should be fluent in both English and the language you’re translating.

Submit a Translation

When submitting a translation, please keep the translating guidelines above in mind. We use a 3-column format that includes the original English lyrics, translated lyrics, and a literal English translation of your translation to review translations. Click here to see an example.

You can download this form below and upload it along with an audio or video recording of your translation. Your recording doesn’t need to be fancy; it’s just for our reference – a voice memo on your phone is fine!

We will review your translation and contact you about the status of the translation as soon as we are able. Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to get back to you.