Preparing Your Heart

For many of us, Sunday morning preparation focuses on practical and musical aspects: arranging, scheduling, printing charts, sending emails, and a host of other details. But we often miss the crucial component of preparing our hearts to meet with God and his people. Christians throughout the centuries have valued the importance of spiritual preparation for […]

Arranging to Serve

Leaders and musicians spend multiple hours, even days preparing for a Sunday morning or an event that is meant to lead people in worshiping God in song. But when the time comes, it often ends up being more a crowd watching a performance than a congregation participating in worship. How do we prepare for a […]

Nuestra adoración importa: Guiando a otros a encontrarse con Dios

Nada es más esencial que saber cómo adorar al Dios que nos creó. Este libro concentra al lector en los aspectos esenciales de una adoración que honra a Dios, combinando fundamentos bíblicos con la aplicación práctica de una manera que brinda resultados en la realidad diaria. El autor, que es pastor y un reconocido compositor […]

Worshiping the Triune God

The doctrine of the Trinity has been the object of opposition, neglect, and confusion for centuries. That may be because few doctrines are so foundational to Christianity. Come learn the biblical basis for the Trinity, and how to better understand, love, and worship the God who is forever Father, Son, and Spirit.

Worshiping God When Your World Is Shaking

How do we worship God when our lives are falling apart? What does it mean that God is sovereign? What’s the difference between trusting that God is in control and being fatalistic? Craig Cabaniss will address these questions and more as he seeks to help you cultivate a greater appreciation for the great and awesome […]

Worshiping a Big God in a Small Church

It can be discouraging to come to a worship conference where everyone seems to assume your church has a large staff, several music teams, and an unlimited budget. For most of us, that situation is far from reality. After serving on staff in large churches, Pat Sczebel has spent the last ten years helping to […]

Worship Team Check-up

Ever wonder if you’re contributing all you can to your team? This seminar will give you five core values to evaluate: godliness, expressiveness, humility, church involvement, and stewardship of your gifts. An excellent seminar for anyone wanting to strengthen their involvement in a team.

When Leading Worship Is Your Second Job

Where does someone find the time to find new songs, call the team, choose songs for Sunday, write out charts, rehearse the musicians AND hold down a full time day job? Those questions will be answered by worship leaders who are doing just that. A panel of leaders will share what they’ve learned from their […]

What’s the Point? Planning Your Meetings on Purpose

Songs, sermons, announcements, prayers, greetings, communion—how do they all fit together? And why? In this seminar, Bob Kauflin will talk about biblical principles that should guide our thinking and planning for our Sunday gatherings. This seminar is especially helpful for pastors and worship leaders to attend together.

Thinking Surgically While Leading Liturgically

Trying to lead worship in a liturgical church can feel like trying to paint in a straightjacket. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this seminar we’ll explore ways worship leaders can work within the confines of a more formal liturgy, using music as a tool to help their congregations experience vibrant, Christ-centered […]

Theology, Doxology, and Sociology

Our understanding of who God says He is, our praise to God, and our culture…how do they fit together? How can we reflect God’s plan for unity in diversity without compromising or watering down the unchanging truths of the gospel and God’s Word? In this seminar Shai Linne will give a biblical perspective on how to think […]

The Task of a Worship Leader

Because the New Testament doesn’t mention the role of the worship leader, we tend to turn to various sources for ideas on leading worship—friends, worship artists, books, and our own experiences. But unless we know we’re doing what God has called us to do, we can lose our focus, get distracted, and become discouraged. This […]

The Leader’s Relationships

Leaders can be tempted to think that their job would be easier and more fruitful if they didn’t have to deal with people, but relationships are one of the primary ways we display the effects of the gospel in our lives and bring glory to God. If you lead congregational worship you’re surrounded by people […]

The Faith-Filled Leader

Every leader will eventually face challenges that call for extraordinary faith. Whether we’re fighting the world, our flesh, or the devil, we’ll be tempted to give in to doubt, anxiety, discouragement, and even despair. But God equips those whom he calls. Whether you’re a pastor, leader, parent, or discipling Christian, this seminar will help you […]

The Challenges of Bi-Vocational Ministry

In an age of doing more with less, many churches don’t have the resources to devote a full-time staff position to each ministry of the church. More and more ministry leaders are juggling the demands of ministry with a secular job. This session will discuss the challenges this presents from a Biblical perspective, led by […]

The Benefits and Limits of Creativity

We owe a great debt to Christians through the years who have pushed the boundaries of what kind of creativity is beneficial when it comes to music in the church. But sometimes creativity can exceed biblical bounds, turning something helpful into something harmful. In this seminar, Bob will describe ways to think about creativity that will […]

Running an Effective and Peaceful Sunday Morning Rehearsal

Too many worship teams start the meeting feeling anxious, harried, and unprepared. Those feelings can be amplified if you meet in a rented facility and have to set up from scratch every Sunday morning. Dave and Ken, both from Covenant Life Church, will share principles for maximizing the time you spend rehearsing on Sunday morning. […]

Reviving the Hymns

Thousands of hymns have been written and forgotten. Some of them are filled with life-transforming truths that we should still be singing. Which hymns need reviving and where do you find them? How do you decide when to update a hymn’s music or lyrics and when to leave a hymn as it stands? David Ward, […]

Retelling the Gospel Every Week

Gathering for worship is a life-shaping moment in a congregation’s week, and what we choose to do during that time can have eternal significance. Drawing from Scripture and his own journey, Mike Cosper will seek to persuade you that there is nothing more important to focus on each week than the gospel: the glorious story […]