Is She Better than Me? (Women’s breakout)

One of the greatest temptations we can face as women is comparing ourselves to others. No matter how gifted, beautiful, or fruitful we may be we can struggle to think that “the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.”  Come and learn how the gospel speaks to our insecurities and fears and enables […]

Worship in the Valley

Whatever role you play in the public worship ministry of your church, there are times when you don’t “feel” like standing up in front of a congregation and leading them in worship. Matt Mason knows what that’s like, as he was a worship pastor in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. He’ll share from his […]

The Trinity in History (How Not to Be a Heretic)

Our songs, prayers, teachings, and conversations sometimes unwittingly contain theological errors that misrepresent the Trinity. We may not see that as too serious, but when we realize that it is God’s identity with which we are dealing, and thus with all that God does for his world and for us in creation and salvation, it […]

The Great God and His Beloved Church

Sunday morning can become pretty mundane. Same people, same place, same songs, different text, same gospel. Why again do we do this? In Psalm 48, God reminds his people of the delight he takes in his people and what he promises to do among us when we gather in his name.

Speaking Grace: Cultivating the Gift of Encouragement

Is our speech a fountain of life to others? Or do we find condescension, or doubt, more readily on our tongues than hope and help? For most of us, consistent encouragement does not come naturally, and yet we are called to speak on behalf of Jesus Christ, representing his grace and truth. This seminar will […]

Simplify Your Spiritual Life

The world is more complex than ever, and it becomes more so by the nanosecond.  As a result, almost everyone eventually feels the need to simplify.  For many people, simplifying means nothing more than “doing less.”  But simplifying is not so much about doing fewer things as it is about doing the right things.  This […]

Secure in Christ: Battling Legalism, Condemnation, and Fear of Man

Even the most confident leader can struggle at times with whether or not they’re living up to the expectations of God, themselves, and others. Success can easily lead to pride, while failure can result in discouragement that hinders our fruitfulness. Our hope is found not in looking more to ourselves but to the finished work […]

Scripture Meditation: Getting More Out of Your Bible

Many of us associate the word “meditate” with Eastern mysticism. Because of those negative connotations, we avoid doing anything even remotely related to meditation. But Scriptural meditation is a practice with immeasurable benefits. Don Whitney defines it as, “Deep thinking on the truths and spiritual realities revealed in Scripture for the purposes of understanding, application, […]

Revival: When God Visits His People

For many Christians the term “revival” has come to mean either an annual series of planned meetings or the pursuit of unusual experiences at the expense of truth. But the Bible makes clear we worship a God who delights to renew and revive his people with his presence. At times, he visits us in a […]

Psalm 131: A Calm and Humble Heart

How do leaders and musicians deal biblically with anxiety, striving, pride, comparison, and the many temptations that accompany public ministry? Come hear biblical counselor David Powlison share insights from Psalm 131 that will give you a new perspective on your heart and fresh faith for overcoming the temptations every one of us battles.

Praying with the Psalmist

While God speaks to us through the Psalms, they are also models for how we speak to him. They are meant to inspire our own Word-centered prayers, filled with honesty, faith, thanksgiving, and confident trust in God’s steadfast love. This seminar will give you both the motivation and the tools to engage with God through […]

Praying through Scripture [WG14W]

Back again by popular request. Too many Christians suffer from an inadequate, boring, or non-existent prayer life. In this potentially life-changing seminar, Don Whitney will share how to turn the words of the Scriptures into the wings of your prayers.

Praying through Scripture [WG15E]

Back again by popular request. Too many Christians suffer from an inadequate, boring, or non-existent prayer life. In this potentially life-changing seminar, Don Whitney will share how to turn the words of the Scriptures into the wings of your prayers.

Overcoming the Fear of Man

Have you ever been paralyzed by the thought of leading out in front of others? Ever find yourself repeatedly playing your mistakes or successes over in your mind? Are you sometimes more concerned about what people think than about what God thinks? If so, you’re not alone. The Bible defines those symptoms of the “fear […]

Meeting God in the Psalms

The “Bible’s Songbook” has encouraged and comforted people for thousands of years. And yet the book of Psalms is meant to be far more than an inspiring collection of poems. Every page reminds us of God’s personal, sovereign, wise, and loving care for His people, and anticipates the sending of His Son to be the […]

Know, and Worship

What does the worship of God have to do with struggles against everyday issues like fear, lust, self-centeredness, or anger? When God comes to His people in the midst of their blind idolatry, what does He say to them to reorient their hearts back to Him?  Through an expositional study of Isaiah 43, we’ll consider together […]

How Long, O Lord?

Waiting for God’s deliverance can be one of the most difficult aspects of our lives. In this exposition of Psalm 13, we’ll learn from the psalmist how to find strength, hope, and faith in the midst of uncertainty, trials, and suffering.

Getting a Grip on a God’s Glory

We often refer to “the glory of God,” yet we’re not always clear on just what that is.  We also would benefit from a deeper understanding on why God alone deserves ultimate and maximal glory.  From God’s word, we’ll reflect on what the glory of God is, why God will not and cannot share his […]

Family Worship

Thousands of families are rediscovering the importance of worshiping God as a family. In this seminar, Don surveys the biblical teaching on family worship, demonstrates how our heroes throughout church history have practiced it, and then shares some simple, specific, and practical how-tos of family worship. He’ll address different situations and also make application for […]