Simplify Your Spiritual Life

Craig Cabaniss

The world is more complex than ever, and it becomes more so by the nanosecond.  As a result, almost everyone eventually feels the need to simplify.  For many people, simplifying means nothing more than “doing less.”  But simplifying is not so much about doing fewer things as it is about doing the right things.  This distinction is even more important when it comes to simplifying the spiritual part of life.  For even the “ideal” simple spiritual life (whatever that is) will still be a busy one.  Like Jesus and the Apostle Paul, anyone devoted to loving God and people will lead a full and active life.  But such a life will also be more focused, fruitful, and satisfying because it emphasizes the right priorities.  In particular, this session is for those who want hope and help to start simplifying their spiritual lives.

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