Sovereign Grace Music gives permission for you to use our music videos in your church live stream. This only applies if you have a CCLI Streaming Plus License (see for more info). The Streaming Plus license gives permission for our Master Recordings (audio) to be used by your church and Sovereign Grace Music gives permission for our video content to be used. 

If you use our music videos, please take the steps below to ensure your video is not blocked, muted, or taken down.

• Report the song using your CCLI streaming plus license

• Display the song’s CCLI number and copyright information for each song on your livestream and/or in the description of your video

• Please do not monetize your livestream or pre-recording, or use our music videos for profit in any way

• Don’t dispute any copyright claims that YouTube or Facebook may add. These are posted by our administrators and just show YouTube that you’re on the up and up.

You can download our music videos HERE by entering the password “sound+doctrine”

It is possible that streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook will still automatically disable, mute, or remove your video if they find that content you don’t own is included in your livestream. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent that from happening. However, by following the steps above, you’ve still done all that is necessary to have our permission and to use our videos in your live stream.