Acoustic Guitar 1: Essentials

In this seminar, we’ll look at your role as an acoustic player serving the church, and offer strategies and tools for how to develop your playing in that context i.e. thinking in parts, developing strumming, fingerpicking and capo tricks.

Electric Guitar 2: Woodshedding and Creating

Building on the first session, we’ll talk about how to develop your skills as a guitarist. Learn tools for really understanding the guitar neck, how to practice effectively and deeply, and how to apply it all to thinking about and creating parts.

Acoustic Guitar 2: Going Deeper

If you find yourself frustrated as an acoustic guitarist, come for a discussion around how get some serious tools for creativity. Learn the CAGED system and how to apply that to using a capo without shame. Come away with a refreshing approach to chords and practicing, and gain a new set of tools to use […]

Electric Guitar: Your Heart and Your Part

AW Tozer said, “The essence or art is self expression but the essence of Christianity is self denial. Balancing the two is very hard.” Inspired by this quote, Josh Scott will lay a foundation for the role of the electric guitarist in the church, detail what attitudes are crucial, and cover specific techniques and styles […]

Electric Guitar: Your Gear

In this breakout Josh Scott, president of JHS pedals, will discuss the many ways pedals can serve you. He’ll also look at the advantages of different amps and how to make wise decisions in the use of your gear.

Acoustic Guitar Tips: Tips for Your Best Playing

While the best way to improve your skills are through hours of deliberate practice, sometimes the most effective changes you can make in your playing are simple ones. In this breakout, you’ll learn a variety of practices, patterns, and tools that will help you take your playing to the next level.

Advanced Electric Guitar (Part 2)

Following up on what he covered in an earlier electric guitar workshop, Ben Gowell will spend time in this session discussing topics that include voicings, song structure, rhythmic patterns, and more.

Advanced Electric Guitar (Part 1)

There’s a difference between an individual playing an electric guitar and someone actually making music. Ben Gowell, who plays on his worship team in Minneapolis but also has years of experience on the road and in the studio, will take this session to cover topics including choosing the right gear, getting the right tone, and […]

Electric Guitar: Introduction to Loops, Multitracks and Tech: How and Why?

Using loops, multitracks, and programs like Ableton Live can help keep your musicians together, fill out your sound and even offer creative opportunities for arranging and writing. But used too much or in the wrong way they can be unhelpful. Come and learn about how you can use new technologies in your weekend services while […]