Acoustic Guitar 1: Essentials

In this seminar, we’ll look at your role as an acoustic player serving the church, and offer strategies and tools for how to develop your playing in that context i.e. thinking in parts, developing strumming, fingerpicking and capo tricks.

Acoustic Guitar 2: Going Deeper

If you find yourself frustrated as an acoustic guitarist, come for a discussion around how get some serious tools for creativity. Learn the CAGED system and how to apply that to using a capo without shame. Come away with a refreshing approach to chords and practicing, and gain a new set of tools to use […]

Acoustic Guitar Tips: Tips for Your Best Playing

While the best way to improve your skills are through hours of deliberate practice, sometimes the most effective changes you can make in your playing are simple ones. In this breakout, you’ll learn a variety of practices, patterns, and tools that will help you take your playing to the next level.

Essential Skills for Acoustic Guitar

As a rhythm and melody instrument, the acoustic guitar is a uniquely expressive tool, though its potential is often left undeveloped. In this session we’ll explore a system for voicings and interpreting charts that will equip you with a wealth of creative options.

Acoustic Guitar: Maximizing Your Contribution

The acoustic guitar plays a huge part in modern worship. It can be at the forefront of a song, and yet at times, swallowed up in a band situation, we can wonder why we’re even there. Come and discuss a variety of concepts that will allow you to maximize what you can do with your […]

Guitar Conversations

Patrick Anderson, Mike Cosper, and Paul Hoover have a conversation about the best ways to incorporate acoustic and electric guitars in the worship band. They talk about everything from that mythical “perfect tone” that so many electric guitarists pursue to why worship leaders across the country are slapping capos on their acoustic guitars and playing […]