Love Like You


Based on Luke 10:25–37

A man travelin’ down the road
Was robbed and left for dead
Some neighbors might have helped
But they walked on instead
And then a stranger came along
And bandaged up his wounds
And showed us what it means
To love like You

Lord, we wanna love like You
With open arms and an open heart
We wanna love like You
And show the world how good You are
Anyone can be our neighbor in need
Help us to do what You would do
We wanna love like You

We were made for loving You
‘Cause You’re the very best
And to love our neighbors too
Treat them with kindness
And it’s not okay to look away
And think we’ve done enough
‘Cause that is not the way
That You love us

When we were in desperate need
You loved us, loved us
While we were still Your enemies
You loved us, loved us
When there was nothing we could do
You loved us, loved us
So we could be like You, You loved us

Music and Words by Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise/BMI, Sovereign Grace Worship/ASCAP (adm. by Integrity Music). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Churches. All rights reserved.



Scripture References:

Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 22:36-40, Romans 5:6-8, Romans 8:29