Live Streaming Permissions Update

Since March of 2020, COVID-related gathering restrictions have led many churches to provide online musical resources to serve their congregations. When it was difficult or impossible to use real musicians, they wanted to use recordings produced by others. We were more than happy to give permission to churches to use our recordings in their live streams for free. However, our gratis permission was never really recognized by streaming platforms, which sometimes made it difficult to record or live stream services that used our original recordings.

The good folks at CCLI have been working on this, and now offer a CCLI Master Streaming PLUS License that covers the use of copyrighted master recordings and multi tracks during your church’s live streams for a very reasonable cost. Purchasing this license will ensure that streaming platforms will recognize your church and that you’re complying with copyright laws. 

If you ever have any other questions about using Sovereign Grace Music original recordings or videos in your live stream, please visit our permissions page or feel free to contact us.

Thank you not only for your desire to use Sovereign Grace Music, but more importantly for your heart to expose your congregations songs that enable the word of Christ to dwell in us richly!